5 Facts About Tree Removal you should know

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When you have a tree that is too big for your yard, it can be a difficult decision whether to cut it down or not. It might be hard because the tree has sentimental value, or maybe because of the shade it provides in the summer. Whatever your reason might be, keep on reading the blog to know about useful facts about tree removal so you can make an informed decision.

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  • Tree removal is a service offered by a tree cutting company.

Tree cutting companies are licensed and insured. They have highly trained staff who use specialized equipment to ensure safe and effective

, as well as prevent damage to surrounding property during this process. Most importantly, all arborists at these businesses are certified arborists—that means they possess extensive knowledge about trees! They know how to identify problems as well as recognize when it’s best to keep them around instead.

  • Tree removal is often the same as tree trimming.

Tree removal is often the same as tree trimming. Tree trimming is the process of cutting away dead or diseased branches.

If you do not want to cut down your entire tree, then this option is the best choice for you! It will save money and time without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality, but still get rid of any dead wood that may be causing your trees problems.

  • The price of tree removal depends on the size of the tree.
  • The price of Boroondara Tree Removal depends on the size of the tree. Not all trees are created equal: some are small enough to be handled by one or two people with standard equipment, while others require specialized equipment and multiple workers. The type of tree—whether it’s a flowering crab apple or a towering oak—also affects cost, as well as whether it can be removed during the summer months (when foliage is thick) or only in autumn after leaves have fallen.
  • The location matters too! If you’re living in an urban area with limited parking space, chances are good that removing your old oak will involve some street closures while heavy machinery takes care of business. This could mean extra charges from local officials depending on how much time is needed for hauling away debris and restoring pavement surfaces after work is complete.

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  • In the spring, it is best to remove a deciduous tree.

It is best to remove a deciduous tree during the spring. This means that you should wait until after winter, when the leaves have fallen off. If you remove your deciduous tree in the winter, you run the risk of damaging other plants and trees nearby or potentially causing damage to your home if they fall on it.

  • For evergreen trees it is best to remove them in the winter.

For evergreen trees, it is best to remove them in the winter. The reason for this is they are less vulnerable to damage during this time of year and because the ground is frozen, which makes it easier to remove them.


Now that you know these 5 important facts about tree removal, it’s time to take action. If a tree has grown too big for your yard or has fallen into disrepair, call Arborist in Melbourne expert to schedule an appointment. With their help and advice, you can resolve any issues with your trees and keep them in good health for years to come!