7 Ideas to place wall art on Every Blank Spot in Your Home

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If you’re decorating a room with wall space to spare, that can be difficult to fill. But it doesn’t have to be! If you know what type of theme you want, it can be easy to find wall art that will fit the bill. For example, if you’re going with more of a botanical theme, there are plenty of stunning nature-inspired wall art options to choose from. Take a look at these five Black and White Abstract Art ideas, and start thinking about where in your home each one would look best!

1) Hang a mirror above your fireplace to reflect the flames

The wall behind your fireplace is an oft-overlooked area, but why not take advantage of it and create a focal point that actually works with your fire instead of against it? You can hang a mirror over your fireplace in order to reflect its flames, or hang a beautiful piece of botanical art. It doesn’t have to be fancy; just get creative. And don’t forget about using wallpaper as well.

Black and White Art

2) Place a large painting above your bed to create a focal point

You don’t want your entire wall space to be covered with art, but you do want one section of your home with wall art. Large paintings are great for creating a focal point, which means that other than some books and perhaps a magazine rack, nothing else will compete for attention in that spot. Paintings such as Canvas Prints Online (flowers) or landscapes can create a stunning centrepiece above your bed or even hang above your headboard. Since everyone sees their bed before going to sleep it is a good way of adding some colour to your room without being too bold and making sure it’s in a space where it’s not competing with anything else! This would be best used if you have walls painted white or neutral colours instead of very bright colours.

3) Frame photos of your family and friends and hang them in clusters

Thinking of putting up some new pictures in your home but can’t decide where they should go? Instead of just tacking them to a wall willy-nilly, group similar photos together and hang them in small clusters. For example, if you have a photo of each of your children with their current partners, then create a collage and hang it somewhere prominent, like over your couch or above your fireplace. If you don’t want to put holes in any walls but still need more picture space, head over to Pinterest for tips on how to do everything from using command hooks and fabric hangers to using multiple frames.

4) Hang an interesting piece of fabric or tapestry on an empty wall

If you’ve never tried it, wall art made from fabric or tapestry is an easy way to decorate an empty space. It’s also a great way to add a unique look and texture to your home. Just make sure you’re hanging a large enough piece of cloth—nothing will be more distracting than seeing bits of wall peeking through! And pick something that means something special or represents something important in your life; otherwise, it might just get lost in all that empty space.

5) Mount a TV on the wall and use it as art

The simplest and cheapest way to put something beautiful up on your walls is by using a television. Don’t have an old TV collecting dust in your garage or basement? You can find great deals at garage sales, thrift stores, and flea markets; alternatively, you can even look for televisions people are giving away for free. The only difference between putting it up as art versus using it for its intended purpose is that you’ll probably want to hang a smaller screen than you’d normally choose. That way, your eyes will be drawn right to where they should be—the artwork hanging behind it. Another option is just buying a cheap picture frame and sticking it into place over your TV.