Commercial Vehicle Insurance? What You Need To Know!

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When you own a business, you’re often required to insure your vehicles. But what about the vehicles that are used by your employees? Do you need to provide coverage for their cars and trucks as well? The answer is yes—and it might surprise you how little protection most businesses have in place for their drivers. If your company has more than one vehicle on the road at any given time, then you need Commercial Car Insurance Nz for each of them!

Do you need business auto insurance for personal vehicles?

The short answer is yes. While most people assume that business auto insurance is only for businesses, the truth is that commercial insurance covers any vehicle used by your company—even if it’s a personal car or truck.

The reason why this matters so much is that when you buy private coverage from an insurer, they will assess your driving record and determine which types of vehicles are covered under your policy. If you have multiple cars in addition to your business car (or if you happen to own several different types of vehicles), then each one will be assessed separately and its risk level determined separately as well—making those premiums very expensive!

But with commercial coverage instead? No problem: Your company can get all three kinds of protection at once—personal auto + commercial liability + medical benefits—and save money on every single policy year because they’re bundled together into one simple package price!

Commercial Vehicle Insurance Nz

What must businesses do to get commercial insurance for their vehicles?

It’s important to check with your Public Liability Insurance agent, who will be able to tell you whether or not your business is covered under their commercial policy. They’ll also know what the coverage requirements are and help you decide which policy is best for your business.

Now that you know what a commercial vehicle is and how to get insurance for it, let’s go through some examples of businesses that need commercial auto coverage.

What does commercial vehicle insurance cover?

Commercial vehicle insurance will cover the following:

  • Damage to your vehicle.
  • Third-party liability. If you’re in an accident and injure someone, they may want to sue your business or even take legal action against the driver who caused their injuries. If you’re found responsible for causing harm, commercial vehicle insurance can help protect yourself from financial ruin by providing coverage for damages sustained during a collision or other incident (e.g., bodily injury).
  • Third-party property damage—In addition to protecting your business from legal liabilities related to accidents that occur on its premises or as part of its operations, this type of policy helps reduce costs related to replacing damaged equipment or repairing physical damage caused by collisions between vehicles involved in accidents involving multiple vehicles at once (i.e., “cross-collision”). This type of coverage typically covers things like stolen parts and equipment stolen from trucks parked at work sites; stolen tools used while working on vehicles; broken windows etc.

Get the coverage your business needs.

Business auto insurance is a must for any business. You need to get the coverage your business needs, and if you don’t have enough coverage, then it can be costly.

You should also consider getting additional liability coverage for employees and their vehicles. This will help protect them from accidents that are their fault or not related to work-related activities.

If you plan on having employees leave their cars at home while working late shifts or running errands around town, then consider renting instead of buying an SUV so that there’s less wear and tear on those vehicles over time (and less likelihood of needing repairs).


As a business owner, it is important to have the right kind of insurance coverage. A good many people do not realize that vehicle insurance for commercial vehicles is not the same as personal auto insurance. In fact, there are some differences that must be understood before buying these types of policies from an agent or company.

If you are in charge of a fleet of vehicles and need to know what type of policy will best suit your needs, then this article can help! We’ll cover everything from who should buy it and how much they should pay per month (or year) before we look at some options for getting quotes online today!