Difference between commercial & industrial electrician

Commercial electrician

Australian electricians go through rigorous training to become specialists in certain categories to operate. That’s because electrical safety laws are very stringent and require that electricians pull up their socks and make an effort to be experts in certain fields. There are three main types of electricians to choose from and they’ll cater to each respective property class. Domestic electricians cater to homes, commercial electricians to places of work and then there are industrial electricians for industrial needs. Some people tend to assume that commercial and industrial electricians are the same, but they offer completely different skill sets. Cave Electrical & Solar has a team of commercial electricians Byron Bay officials have cleared for operation in the area and we can break down why they’re different from industrial electricians. 

What is the difference between commercial and industrial electricians?

While industrial and commercial electricians would typically work on properties where work is done, their scale and energy requirements are still very different. They are also both required to be knowledgeable about electrical systems. Industrial electricians work in spaces that are vastly different when compared to commercial ones. They work within the manufacturing industry, unlike commercial electricians who are more skilled to handle mainstream office buildings.

What is a commercial electrician?

Commercial electricians specialize in electrical repair, maintenance, and installations for premises that operate in the commerce sector. That means that they handle the electrical work within commercial offices, retail stores, and other related workplaces. A qualified commercial electrician can help you keep up with electrical technology that helps to improve your existing systems, appliances, and everyday operations. They can also offer you routine inspection which will help towards enhancing pretty much anything, from ceiling fans to your electrical panel. This kind of commercial electrical work in Byron Bay commercial properties can help extend the life of any equipment on your property that needs electricity to function. Energy efficiency tips and applications from a commercial electrician can be vital for your business achieving maximum output and minimal waste of power. Speak to us today about energy-efficient wiring, components, and lighting (including LED lighting) because you’ll use less power but also minimize counterproductive electricity waste and spending. 

Benefits of a commercial electrician

  • Good quality commercial lighting 

Lighting is one of the greatest expenses when it comes to running a commercial operation in the Northern Rivers. You’re likely to spend a lot of money fixing, replacing, and installing the lights inside and outside your commercial premises. Cave Electrical & Solar knows exactly how beneficial commercial lighting experts can be for these types of properties and that’s why it offers this specialization of electrical expertise. Commercial properties, like a restaurant and retail centres are places of work after all and they need ample lighting for everyone to do the work that they need to effectively. Unlike the need for mood lighting on residential properties, dimly light areas aren’t very good at setting the mood for high activity workspaces. Not only do you need ample lighting, but you also need the right type of lighting based on the type of commerce you deal in

  • In-depth knowledge about electrical codes and common hazards 

You should know by now that commercial operations in Northern Rivers have very complicated electrical systems and that comes with electrical codes and regulations that need to be complied with. They keep the workplace safe for employees and your customers. Without the required compliance, you could be liable for a fine or maybe worse. A surprise visitor from an inspector could lead to a complete shutdown of your business and we don’t want that. We know how difficult it is to keep up with everything, but a locally savvy commercial electrical expert can help! We’ll help you with our extensive expertise and experience to ensure employee safety and compliance with legal regulations that are there to protect people from electrical harm and risk. Other things that can cause electrical harm are hazards and a professional electrician will immediately spot a hazard well before it turns into something dangerous for your business. 

Many people don’t immediately think of commercial electricians as a crucial part of their success, but it’s clear that they contribute to safety, comfort, and efficient operation. If you use professional electricians that are licensed, insured, and come with solid guarantees, you’ll notice the difference straight away.  If you find a problem with an installation made by a commercial electrician, you can rely on them to come back and fix the issue. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t rely on consistent commercial electric servicing because it comes with all these benefits. You can also trust Cave Electrical and Solar electricians to help you navigate electrical work that is sure to improve your daily workplace experience.