Get a Detailed Idea on What is Panel Beater and How They Work

Since there are many Panel beaters Melbourne, the word ‘panel beater’ is still new to many. People also say panel beater, a smash repairer, as they (panel beaters) are people that repair car and other vehicles after a collision. They also are someone every driver or car owner should approach for initial servicing.

The procedure of panel beating includes, removing, repairing, and replacing damaged panels, and refitting body hardware, spray painting, and chassis alignment.

If you are planning to graduate or get training in Richmond car repair, then keep on reading.

We are sharing how professional panel beater work during professional vehicle body repair.

  • Start with an inspection

The first step that any panel beater do before they start working on your car is to inspect it and figure out the damage. Through the visual inspection, they identify the type and damage extent that has occurred and they also determine the repair work that is necessary to take the vehicle body back in a proper condition. The body damage can be anything from scratch to dents. After identifying the damaged parts, the panel beater decides the best way to get back the auto body in the right condition.

  • Repair the car body

The main purpose of auto body repair work is to restore the original appearance of the vehicle. For them, no work is too difficult or too easy as they are professionals and with their years of experience, they already have completed many such projects. They pour energy into every little detail to make the damaged auto body look new-like again. In situations where the car body damage becomes extensive, the damaged parts may be removed or replaced.

  • And, apply paint

Painting the car or vehicle is the last step that most car body repair will follow. The painting job includes applying a fresh paint coat onto the damaged surface to give the vehicle a unique look. Selecting the right colour that suits your car and makes it look stunning, is the most critical task. They need to pay enough attention while selecting the colour. Any slight variation between the repaired parts and the other part of the car could result in something ugly. Hence, it is necessary to let the professional handle the auto body repair job.

In short,

– They remove, repair, and replace damaged panels

– Repair scratches or dents

– Sand and file the bodywork to give it a smooth finish

– Replace the damaged parts with genuine parts

– Install body hardware like sensors and locks

– Realign body frame and chassis

– Start repainting the car and match it with the exact color hue

Hence, if you are planning to complete your graduation or start the course for panel beating services, knowing the exact job profile of Panel beaters Melbourne is essential. Is this guide helpful? Don’t forget to share with us through the comment box. We’ll be there with more such guides soon.