How to Choose the Perfect Rural Block for Your New Farmhouse

There’s no denying it: rural blocks are a great investment. They’re a solid long-term asset that can add value to your property, and they can help you achieve your dream of owning your own farmhouse with the help of new house builders in Melbourne. But before you sign on the dotted line, there are a few things to consider. Here’s our guide for choosing the perfect rural block for your new farmhouse!

Keep climate in mind.

Keeping the local climate in mind is important when choosing a block for your new farmhouse. For example, if you live in a hot, dry climate and want to grow fruit trees or other plants that need plenty of water, then it’s best to stay away from blocks that are on hillsides or close to a creek. Think about the weather patterns, too—for instance; if you’re going to be building an outdoor pool, it might be worth considering where you live so that you can choose somewhere near an area with less risk of frost. Also, consider how you will use the property now and in future years. If there are any reasons why someone wouldn’t be able to safely access your home all year round (e.g., because they have disabilities), then this should also come into play when choosing where exactly the house should go on its block.

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Think about what it’s going to cost down the track.

You should also think about what it’s going to cost you down the track. How much does it cost to run a farmhouse? What are the costs of running a farmhouse? Who pays for what? Are you going to be able to afford all of these things, or will you have to sell off your cows and chickens and goats in order to pay for repairs?

Check out your neighbours.

If you want to know what the area is really like, we’d recommend having a chat with your neighbours. Find out how they feel about the local community and whether they’re happy being there. After all, you’ll be living in the same neighbourhood as them for years to come—it’s worth making sure that you have similar views and interests! Of course, before moving into a new area altogether, it’s also worth checking out other aspects of life in the region. Are there any amenities nearby for you and your family? Is it possible for you to get out of bed each morning without getting stuck in traffic? If it is traffic-clogged, then this could make life difficult when trying to get around town on time or even just trying not to miss an important appointment at work! Similarly, check out how easy (or difficult) it might be for developers like yourself who are thinking about building on rural land near where they live based upon recent zoning changes around planning policies which could affect how much land would require council approval before being built upon within certain distances from neighbouring properties.”

Think about size and scale.

You should think about the size and scale of your house when choosing a block. A smaller house on a large block will look like it’s lost in the landscape, whereas a bigger house on a small block will appear claustrophobic and crowded. A good rule of thumb is to have your new home be around 10% larger than the average Australian home (180 square metres). For example, if you’re planning to build a 200 square metre home, consider buying an 800 square metre rural block with no more than 200 metres of access road frontage so that your front gate doesn’t face onto any busy roads or highways. That way, you’ll get plenty of privacy and retain control over how much traffic passes by your front door!


Hopefully, we’ve given you enough information, inspiration and confidence to start your search for that perfect rural block. This is a great time to get into the market! With more people looking for their own slice of country life, properties are becoming more affordable and attractive than ever before. If you have any questions about buying land or would like to discuss some ideas with one of our friendly team members, please contact new house builders Melbourne today!