Know What Property Developer Tells About Good Corner Development Site

You’ve got a great opportunity to develop your site. It’s in an ideal location and you know that it’s going to be profitable. But there’s one thing that could trip up your plans: the neighbouring properties. Its better to rely on professional like best andrew purdie for the right development.

You don’t want to have a property next door which is going to make it harder for you to build out your project, or worse yet, potentially hinder your ability to sell units post-construction.

If this sounds like something that might happen with your project site, then read on! We’ll explain what makes a good corner development site so you can avoid problems down the road.

Minimal Encumbrances Along Your Frontages

The first thing you should look for when searching for a corner development site is whether or not it has minimal encumbrances along its frontages. Talk with passionate experts like andrew purdie if you are planning for the corner development site.

An encumbrance is something that obstructs the use of a property, like a road or pathway, or a property boundary. If you have a neighbouring house then you will need to have some sort of setback from that house so that they can access their driveway and there is enough room for people to walk on the footpath.

If there are no roads or pathways within 100m of your site then this would be ideal as there isn’t any traffic congestion in that area which means less noise pollution from cars passing through regularly and also makes it easier for vehicles using these roads/paths get around without any issues such as parking difficulties etc.

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Not Being On A Busy Intersection

The first aspect of the corner position is that it’s not directly on a busy intersection. This has many benefits, including:

Traffic noise: Being so close to the intersection means you’re likely to be subjected to some pretty loud traffic noise throughout the day.

Traffic congestion: If your site is in a central location, then there may be regular traffic jams in which people are unable to move forward until they can get all of their vehicles out of the way, which can cause delays when trying to get anywhere quickly (and this will apply even more so if there are parking restrictions in place).

Traffic accidents: If people aren’t paying attention while driving around and end up colliding with another vehicle or pedestrian, then everyone involved risks injury or even death!

Minimal Trees, In Particular, Mature Ones

Trees are a problem for developers, but they can be good too.

Trees can make it difficult for contractors to complete their work on time. For example, if the developer has planned to build a new road through the corner site, then they will have to wait until after the tree is removed before building can begin.

This could delay construction by weeks or months and cause major problems for the developer’s business model.

However, trees also provide shade and shelter which can help make houses more attractive to potential buyers who want somewhere comfortable to live in hot weather without air conditioning units all over their house.

Small Neighbouring Setbacks

Another important factor to consider when selecting a corner development site is the size of the neighbouring setbacks. As you may know, each side of your building must have at least 10 metres between the boundary line and any part of the building.

This means that if you want to build a five storey apartment block, you will need a minimum width of 45m in order to achieve this.

However, if there are two properties on one side and only one on another (for example), then this can be used as an advantage when it comes to selling units because it allows for more units per floor – which means more profit for yourself!


Now you know how to choose a good corner development site. The key things to look for are minimal encumbrances along your frontages and being on a quiet intersection.

It’s also a good idea not to build on the corner of two busy streets, but if that’s unavoidable, make sure there aren’t any mature trees in your neighbour’s yards nearby. If all of these criteria are met, then you’re almost guaranteed success!

You can consult a property expert like Andrew Purdie to know more about the real estate and property development industries.