Sage Smudge Stick – Traditional Herbalism for Today

sage smudge stick

If you’re looking for a sage smudge stick that can encourage positive vibrations and sweet dreams, you’ll find the perfect remedy in at least one of these items! How a smoke allergy can affect someone’s life.

Sage Smudge stick history

They utilized a stick made of sage, yerba buena, and rubber for housecleaning, to protect them from germs and bad spirits, as well as smoking herbs for different purposes like breathing problems or asthma. Today the sage smudge stick is used through traditional herbalism for mostly different. Modern witchcraft practitioners use them in magickal rituals but also to cleanse another person’s aura.  Today we still have the idea that burning herbal leaves creates the smell and benefits of smoking but one can also use a smudge stick to store herbs for practical applications.

sage smudge stick

There are many types of smudging sticks. The simplest stick forms arise from curled ends of dried herbs or a simple hollow stick, which could very much resemble a pipe without the opening. The plant chosen can determine the herb, however, essential oils are possible to spray on the herb to have the scent you are desiring. Eucalyptus and lavender oils can offer a refreshing scent many times while sage oil provides a good, earthy aroma. Tobacco leaves can also be used to smudge but there is no scientific evidence that smoking causes a medical benefit and should cause considerable risk when inhaled. Smudging sticks can be made from almost every kind of herb or plants.

Types of smudge sticks

Smudge sticks are traditionally made using plants and herbs. Different plants have different properties, so it is smart to use the right kind of plant for those needs. Some types of herbs are typically used by sprinkling them onto a smudging torch before holding them in their hands or lighting the smudge stick with a match or lighter.

How to use the smudge sticks?

The sage smudge stick is a tool that is used to cleanse the air of negativity. One can pick up a bundle and use it to cleanse an area of unwanted negativity. The first step in using the sage smudge stick is to choose the area that needs cleansing. You must then stand still, lift your arms with both hands holding the central part of the stick which is what creates a vortex. It’s important not to let go of this piece or else you may fall out of balance and start swinging your arms wildly, lower down the stick while exhaling all negative or unwanted energy, then raise the stick back up while inhaling fresh creative energy from your surroundings.


Oftentimes there is not a “right” or “wrong” method of using herbalism but rather a bias toward either tradition or technology employed by the individual. In Europe and North America, herbalism is largely considered a folkcraft that has been passed down through generations orally. Similarly, Cork, natural rubber, jute, recycled PET bottles, and even recycled wetsuits are used to create biodegradable yoga mats. They’re not only fashionable, but they’re also good for the environment.

The sage smudge stick breaks down all of these rules because it uses traditional methods in modern ways – perhaps making this a step forward rather than back into antiquity.