Things You Can Do To Prevent Your Drains From Getting Blocked

Blocked Drains Clayton

Any homeowner or building manager may find a blocked drain to be a major inconvenience. The water in the sinks and showers drains slowly when there are blocked drains in the building.

When flushing, the toilet’s water may rise, and there could be an overflow in the gully. Due to the fact that the water is held up and does not flow constantly, you can also notice a bad stench coming from the drains.

When your drains become clogged, you’ll need the assistance of a qualified plumber who can accurately identify the issue and solve it. Many different items might clog your drains.

You just washed your dishes, and the sink is full of dirty water. Suddenly, a big glob of grease lands in the sink — what do you do?

You could pour it down the drain, but that would be bad for the environment (as well as clogging up your pipes). Instead, here are some tips on how to prevent your Blocked Drains Clayton from getting blocked in the first place:

Don’t pour grease down the drain.

Never pour grease down the drain. Grease will solidify in your drains and cause them to clog, which can lead to backups and floods.

In addition, pouring any type of food waste down your kitchen drain is a bad idea because it attracts bacteria that can cause severe blockages in your pipes.

Also, avoid flushing sanitary products like tampons or pads down the toilet as this could cause an unpleasant backup in your home’s plumbing system.

Blocked Drains Clayton

Clean your drain regularly.

If you have a sink or shower drain that tends to get blocked, it’s important to keep it clean. To do this, use a plunger regularly.

You can also use a drain snake if you have one handy (this is a device with rubber blades that helps unclog drains).

Finally, if none of those work and your drain still gets blocked often, consider calling in an expert from Drain Doctors Melbourne – they’ll be able to give it another go!

Install a floor drain

  • A floor drain is a good way to prevent your drains from getting blocked.
  • Floor Drains help prevent flooding if they are installed in the right place.
  • Floor Drains can also help prevent your house from getting damaged by water.
  • Floor Drains will also help prevent damage to your property.

If you want to avoid having to call a plumber in the middle of the night, it’s important that you keep your drains working properly with regular cleaning and maintenance.

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