5 Tips For Choosing Haircut You Won’t Regret

How many times have you been to the Hair Salon Sydney and left with something you didn’t want? Sure, it’s easy to blame your stylist, but you should really take some responsibility for not knowing what you want or how to ask for it!

5 Tips For Choosing Haircut You Won't Regret

Take control of your hair with these five tips before you head in for your next haircut.

1) Consider your lifestyle

Do you have time to dedicate to maintaining you’re new ‘do? How much upkeep are you comfortable with? Do you want a low-maintenance style that requires minimal styling tools, or are you more interested in a high-maintenance style that requires frequent cuts and frequent trips to your stylist? If your hair is prone to damage from colouring or other chemical treatments, try to find a stylist who doesn’t use those methods. And if you’re changing your hairstyle because of a big life change (like starting grad school), ask yourself how easy and quickly it can be changed back—and what kind of reaction you might get from people who expect it will still belong. Looking for an easy way to cut back on maintenance? Consider going short.

2) Don’t be afraid to experiment

It’s always risky to chop off a bunch of your hair, but if you like being bold and have an innate talent for style, then by all means. But even those who aren’t so adventurous should still consider playing around with short hairstyles. Sure, there are a few rules to follow when deciding on a short haircut (avoid anything that makes you look too young or outdated), but even knowing what those rules are will allow you to be more confident in your choices. So get out there and find something that suits you! It may take some time, but it will be worth it in the end.

3) Pay attention to trends, but don’t follow them blindly

When it comes to choosing a hairstyle, there are plenty of trends to follow. However, not all trends are created equal, and not all of them will look good on you. When in doubt, ask your stylist or trusted friends for help. Just don’t forget that your hairdresser isn’t a fortune teller; he or she won’t be able to predict what will look good for you years down the line (if it does at all). Use caution when blindly following trends—especially if you have fine hair!

4) Go with a more expensive stylist if you can afford it

The better paid a stylist is, typically, the more likely they are to take pride in their work. After all, most salons offer some sort of incentive for keeping customers coming back. Make sure you check out your stylist’s online presence before booking an appointment. A great haircut is just as much about communication and experience as it is about talent and technical skill. Having good chemistry with your stylist can make all the difference in how a cut turns out—and if that doesn’t convince you to shell out a few extra bucks, at least think of it as an investment in an important relationship!

5) Trust your gut

If a new hairdo seems ill-advised, it probably is. Choose a Hair Salon Sydney where you feel comfortable and relaxed, listen to your instincts, and choose a style that complements your face shape. If you don’t trust yourself to make a good decision, take someone with you who can help. Often we need an outsider’s perspective to help us see what we can’t from within.