Top Reasons to Buy Land Rover Discovery Sport in Perth

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Land Rover Discovery Sport in Perth is one of the favourite cars among people in 2016. This SUV beat Audi Q5, Mercedes Benz GLC, and BMW X3 in the stiff competition of 2016 launched cars and triumphed at this competition.

In addition, when this van was launched back in 2016, it instantly took the hot seat of Land Rover’s ageing Freelander. Conjointly, this SUV not only became popular because of its added comfortability features, but it also won the hearts of people because of its off-road capability.

This SUV has well-maintained its class and standard, so if you are skeptical about buying this van, here we have well-crafted some of the prominent and notable features of this SUV model. By reading these features, you will surely make an informed decision quickly.

Interior quality:

As mentioned earlier, SUVs have well-maintained their standard and class, so the interior of its Discovery Sport model is exactly as you would expect it to be. The small touches of brushed-metal trimming along with plush material give the interior of this car a classy look and feel.

Front space:

The front space of this SUV gives an exceptional feel. There is plenty of legroom space for the front passenger. In addition, there are several handy cubby holes and pockets in the front space of the car that gives enormous space for your belongings.

Big boot:

In addition to its interior space features, you will notice its big boot, making this SUV preferable. There is an impressive amount of space in its big boot, which makes it effortless for the passengers to load their bulky items with them.


This feature of this SUV is also very impressive. This model of the SUV is fairly refined. It is equipped with a 2.0-litre diesel engine. This engine sends a small amount of vibration through the controls, which makes it quite unfavourable for many users.

Good to drive:

This beast is equipped with nicely weighted steering that is so easy and effortless to handle, making it easy for users to drive smoothly. It is capable of handling the bumps and small digs on the road effortlessly and smoothly, even at higher speeds.

Smooth diesel engine:

It is guaranteed you will not regret buying this SUV model equipped with a 2.0 TD4 180 engine. It gives a flawless performance. It will not compromise on its performance even if there are seven people on board. This feature makes this SUV favourable for many.

SE tech:

Yes, you have heard the right term. This SUV model comes up with an amazing technology of SE. SE tech models are actually those models that are one level up from entry-level cars. In this car, you will get astonishing features, such as satellite navigation, powered tailgate, automatic lights and wipers, and front parking sensors.


This is one of the features that almost every other person prefers to opt for while buying a car – whether he is out in the market to buy an SUV or an entry-level car. This SUV comes with a set of safety features. After the testing from Euro NCAP, this van successfully got five stars. It is equipped with lane departure warning as standard, along with the feature of autonomous emergency braking.

Seven seats:

This SUV wins the hearts of people. There are just a few cars of this size that come with seven seats. You will be shocked to hear that none of the Discover Sports rival’s cars come with seven seats. So yes, you can call yourself lucky if you are opting for this van for your family.

Off-road capability:

Yes, just like other Discovery models of Land Rovers, this model comes with an amazing terrain response system. This system allows you to choose a four-wheel-drive mode to drive your car on different surfaces, such as mud, sand, and dit.

It would not be wrong to say that Land Rover Discovery Sport in Perth is well-packed with surprising features and systems that would lighten up your world of buying your dream car.