What does a production house do?

commercial photography

A production house is responsible for the development and filming of a specific production or media broadcast. Whether it be a podcast recording or a company promo for your new clients or even recording of your company event, our production house – Collab Bar Studios can take care of all that and more.

When it comes to what’s on offer with Collab Bar Studios, we can guarantee that full production house servicing is available to you. That includes everything from the planning stages to post-production work. Our job is to bring your ideas to life, and this takes very technical knowledge. It includes the capturing, developing and even editing of the story that you want to tell.

What does a production company do?

Depending on the production you are trying to create, different companies have the skills and tools to help you achieve this. Some production houses can create stages for theatrical performances, and some can create extreme sports facilities. All of the variants require very specific elements of commercial video or photo content for your specific venture. The point of a full-service production company is to handle the minor and major parts that help to bring the entire project together. The point is to find the winning formula for your business, and we can help you achieve that with our production house facilities. Our skilled team of experts are the most passionate content creators you’ll come across and we’ll take the time to understand your brand’s contextual nuance before tailoring a message that fits your needs. Call on us and we can offer all of the following:

  • Video and Photo Production
  • Post-Production
  • Studio hire facilities

Our teams aim to deliver on these services while sticking to your commercial needs because we know what it takes to promote your business within a budget.

What services a production house offers?

1.     Planning and pre-production phase

The planning stage can be the hardest for small businesses starting up commercial operations that don’t know where to begin. That’s where we come in to help you in figuring that stuff all out. The first pieces of the puzzle include the proper planning and pre-production elements. We’ll help you align your own creative and technical team with your deadlines for your content requirements. Pre-production can also include some consultation meetings where we discuss layout, design, how the set should be constructed, props, costumes and otherwise.

2.     Production day requirements

Along with the facilities of the production house, you can also rely on the brains of the resident talent. When hiring a production house, you’ll also enjoy access to in-house talent. It might come at an extra cost, but if they’re the whizzes on using the space you’ve chosen, they’re the best to give you an easy breezy experience. It is a place of business, so they should want to ensure that the studio meets your needs and desires. Whether you’re one of Australia’s next best models and you need striking headshots, or you just want to take professional family photos, they have the creative knowledge to help you achieve it.

3.     Post-production work

Not many local houses offer this service offering, but the team at Collab Bar Studios are fully equipped whit editors and other post-production efforts at your disposal. This part of our highly experienced team will turn that raw footage into something magical. Whether you need editing or something else, we’re here to assist.

Collab Bar Studios is a full-service production house

There’s no need to go any further than right here at Collab Bar Studios. We are a professional, highly experienced, and passionate crew of photo and video content curators. We built this company to help companies in the commercial sector because we know how important this content can be for making or breaking a business. Our team specializes in narrative-driven and beautiful product-driven content that aims to tell your story and deliver high-quality material. Whether you need video content or high-quality stills to tell the story of your brand, we guarantee that we can help you get the message across. We’re the professional production team you’ve been looking for and we are the best production house on the Gold Coast. Visit our website to know more.