What To Expect During A Bee Removal Service Visit?

Bees are essential to our ecosystem, and they play a vital role in pollinating flowers and plants. However, when bees are left unattended on your property or in your home, it can pose considerable problems for both you and the hive itself.

In such instances, it’s best to call in a professional bee removal or wasp removal service so that you can protect yourself from any harm that might come from being stung by these insects.

Identify the Bee Problem

When you call a bee removal service, they will ask you to describe the problem. Bees are not always harmful and can be helpful if they are in their natural habitat. However, when bees get into your home or office space, it may become a problem for you and your family members. The first thing that needs to happen is identifying whether or not there is an infestation of bees somewhere on your property before we can begin our work.

If there is only one bee flying around your home or office space then it’s likely that this particular insect has been disturbed by something else (like someone walking past) which caused it to leave its hive temporarily so as not to disturb other members of its colony by being gone too long without explanation! When this happens we recommend leaving windows open during cool evenings so that any remaining insects return safely back home where they belong!

Bee Removal

Perform an Inspection of the Hive Location

A beekeeper will perform an pest inspection of the hive location, which includes looking for:

The entrance to the hive. This can be found by looking for bees entering and exiting a hole in your wall or ceiling, or through cracks in your foundation (if you live in a house).

The queen bee. The queen is much larger than other bees and has wings that are longer than her body. She is also noticeably darker than other bees in her colony. If you can’t find her immediately upon arrival, don’t worry–she won’t go far from where she was originally spotted!

Honeycomb. Honeycomb looks like regular wax but with hexagonal shapes instead of squares; this is because it’s made by bees as food storage material instead of being used as insulation like regular wax is used for later on inside their hives (you may want some of this tasty treat yourself after having them removed from your property!). You should look carefully at any areas where there might be honeycombs so we know exactly where everything needs removing from before starting our work together today!


We hope this article has helped you understand what to expect during a bee removal service visit. We know that bees can be a nuisance, but when it comes down to it, they’re actually quite fascinating creatures!

They are responsible for pollinating countless plants and flowers around the world–and we would be in big trouble without them!