Wooden Flooring – types of wood to consider


We see how the installation of wooden flooring is so widespread in any workplace or home. It’s the parquetry and wood flooring seen almost everywhere. It has got some authentic, classic look. It is used as a home decor which, along with its sophisticated, classic looks, is also long-lasting with good durability coming importantly. There are types of wood flooring that can be installed; the Most Popular Types of Wooden Flooring are –

  1. Hardwood

The wood flooring is hardwood, and therefore it is vital to note from what tree the wood is coming. In the case of the solid timber flooring, the floorboards are from finely harvested and grown trees like walnut, oak, and pine.

Durability: The good maintenance of the hardwood matters a lot, and if the user is taking good care of it from their side, then there’s nothing to worry about it as the hardwood is highly durable in an excellent way, and in fact, it will last for years. Although, it is advised every time to keep the floorboards protected from moisture.

  1. Engineered wood.

Engineered wood is no different from the normal original floorboards. It’s just that they are made by adding and attaching layers of wood slides and later are finished by the addition of the hardwood on the surface regions. This is durable as it gives wonderful stability with strength.

Durability: if we talk about its durability, then just be assured of the fact that if you chose this, you do not have to doubt the choice. Engineered woods are really good as they also can hold the moisture more than the hardwood could.

  1. Laminate wood.

The laminate wood floors and tiles make the appearance of the wood more prominent because of the synthetic material it has gotten in it.

Durability: laminate woods are well when it comes to their durability. Although the fairest plus point about laminate wood is the simplicity and ease it takes for the installation.

Things to keep in mind before going for Wooden Flooring –

If we talk about the advantages of wood flooring and why one should go for it, some points are mentioned for a better idea.

  • The durability of wooden flooring matters a lot. The more it is taken care of, the more it will sustain. Its sustainability can even reach to lifetime.
  • Buying wooden flooring is good as it will enhance the beauty and class of your workplace and home. Not just purchase but even its re-selling will benefit you with decent profits.
  • Great Appearance: Home decor matters a lot in today’s date, and therefore when it comes to class and looks, installing wood flooring is the best option. It makes the place beautiful in a sophisticated manner and will also give you the feeling of satisfaction and peace.

Pro tip :

Wooden flooring is easygoing as it can be managed hassle-free by cleaning it once in 4-5 days with the vacuum cleaner. Also, it should be polished once a year so that the lustre and shine never fade away quickly.