5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Customs Broker

Hiring a customs broker may seem like a pretty simple process to the untrained eye, but in reality, there are many important factors to consider before choosing someone to help you get your product from Point A to Point B. It’s important that you choose the right Customs Broker Brisbane so you don’t end up paying unnecessary fees or being held up at the border for weeks at a time. Make sure you avoid these 5 mistakes when hiring a customs broker so your experience will be positive from start to finish!

1) Don’t hire someone who isn’t transparent

Before you sign on with any customs broker, make sure they are transparent about all costs and fees. Some brokers will just tack on fees at random and hope you don’t notice. Never sign with anyone who won’t give you an itemized list of charges. There should be no surprises. If there are, walk away. No exceptions.

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2) Don’t hire based on price alone

It’s important to consider how much you’ll spend on your broker, but it’s equally as important to consider how much you stand to lose from mistakes or slow processing. If a less expensive broker doesn’t have experience in your industry, they may be more likely to make costly mistakes. Be sure your chosen broker is fully qualified for what you need and has years of experience in shipping similar products under similar circumstances.

3) Don’t hire someone with little experience

This can put your shipment at risk of being misdirected, lost, or damaged. Instead, make sure you go with someone who has experience with international shipments; look for customs brokers who work with importers every day. This will ensure you won’t run into any issues while shipping goods outside of your country. If possible, ask to see copies of their client files so that you can see how they handle similar situations. And be sure to ask about their specific expertise in working with certain countries or customs regulations (if you’re planning on shipping internationally). If they don’t have much experience in that area, it might be best to hire someone else.

4) Ask your agent about turnaround times for client requests

If you’re waiting for someone in your company to handle an issue, it can be easy to forget about it—and that can cost you big time. Make sure your agent answers inquiries within two business days, so any urgent issues get addressed promptly. If they don’t meet that deadline, consider changing agents. You should also ask how long it takes them to process shipments through customs; if there are delays, make sure they’re worth dealing with before signing on.

5) Don’t ask too many questions, you can always ask later.

Asking too many questions up front may cause you to prematurely dismiss an otherwise-qualified candidate. Instead, ask for examples of how candidates would handle certain scenarios as part of their interview process. Get a feel for their communication style and problem-solving skills by having them answer your concerns in person. This way, you can be sure that your next Customs Broker in Brisbane isn’t just handing you answers but is also thinking on her feet and providing honest responses tailored specifically to fit your unique needs.