Solutions for IP and SIP intercoms. What is inside the IP intercom kit?

Solutions for IP and SIP intercoms

What should be included in the set of IP and SIP intercoms? As in any other field, it all depends on the tasks. If we talk about small solutions for an isolated apartment or one private house, a basic kit with a connection to a cloud service will suffice. At the same time, the system will be able to work stably even without a cloud, that is, on “direct calls” – the most standard function of intercoms. In this case, the call will go directly from the call panel in front of the door to the monitor installed in the house.

Many users are interested in: is a mini-PBX needed in a private house?

The question is debatable. If it already, suddenly, exists (which is often found) and it is an IP PBX of any manufacturer, then IP intercom with SIP support will easily become part of the system with all the ensuing pluses and incredible scenarios:

  • Call transfer to any phones (at the request of the owner);
  • Calls by short numbers to the gate, to the bathhouse, to the garage, where panels and monitors of IP-intercoms or simple IP-phones can stand;
  • Voice mail recording.
  • If there is no intra-house IP-PBX, then this does not narrow your options in any way. If you have a good Internet channel, use the “cloud” and get about all the same PBX functions, only it will be remote (that is, installed “somewhere” on the manufacturer’s servers), plus you will get a number of useful functions:
  • In online mode – viewing video from the intercom camera, from the monitor and smartphone;
  • Saving video in the cloud for further analysis;
  • View the history of visits – who and what time went out and came in, and much more.

Interestingly, some IP / SIP video intercoms already have a built-in IP-PBX with a basic set of functions. This saves on additional devices and adds flexibility in communication and call handling. This would certainly not be possible with analog digital intercoms. Reason to think.

In general, the minimum set for an individual household will be as follows:

  1. Single subscriber calling panel – SIP-audio/video intercom.
  2. Video intercom (IP-monitor) – providing stable audio and / or video communication with intercom call panels, as well as IP phones that support the SIP protocol.

In addition to this, it is desirable to have a PoE switch so as not to pull a separate pair of power supply to the gate and into the room – to the monitor. Optionally, you will need a subscription to the services of a cloud intercom system, which will allow you to transfer calls to mobile phones through a special application. If we do not want to transfer calls to mobile, then we simply set direct calls from the call panel to the video intercom by IP address.

And to make the launch of the ip intercom system faster and easier – it’s better to take a laptop with you to the installation, you can use specialized software and start everything in 2 clicks.