5 Ways a Pergola Can Change the Way You Use Your Outdoor Space


Pergolas Melbourne is a great way to add shade and shade-giving privacy at the same time in your outdoor space. There are many different designs, but they all accomplish the same thing: They create a temporary or permanent wall of shade over an area that’s currently being used. The best part is that they can be built to fit almost any budget or design style—whether you want something ornate or simple, modern or traditional. Read on if you’re looking for more ways to use your pergola wisely!

  1. Create a Private Outdoor Living Space

A pergola is a great way to create a private outdoor living space that’s both attractive and accessible. With just the right size pergola, you can create a fun, inviting space for eating, relaxing and entertaining.

Pergolas Melbourne

The main benefit of this type of structure is its ability to create an intimate social gathering area where people can enjoy each other’s company while enjoying nature around them. You may even decide to add windows or roof lights as well!

  1. Add Height to Close Off One Area of the Yard

A pergola can be a great addition to your yard, adding height in an area where you need it most. It’s also a good way to create a private outdoor living space that closes off one section of your yard and makes it feel more like an extension of your house.

If you have limited space for entertaining guests, or if you want some privacy from passersby on busy streets nearby, then adding a pergola is the perfect solution. You can use this covered outdoor living area just as much as any other part of your home—it doesn’t have to be solely used for entertaining!

  1. Extend the Area of Your Patio

Add an extra dining area. If you want to use your patio as more than just a space for entertaining, consider adding an extra sitting area or another place to relax.

Add a reading nook and/or fireplace. This is especially nice if you have a small yard with limited space (like me). It also allows people who don’t enjoy being outdoors as much as others to enjoy the same beauty of nature while inside their homes!

Add a place where kids can play outside safely without worrying about cars passing by too fast on busy streets or even onto private property lines; this could include toys such as tricycles or other small vehicles, which will allow them access without having any issues when playing outside with friends!

  1. Provide Shade on Hot Summer Days

Pergolas are a great way to provide shade in the summer. They can be used as an extension of your patio or placed right on top of it and create a private outdoor living space. If you have a large yard that needs more coverage than what’s offered by simply extending your patio area, pergolas can help close off one section of it while still allowing light into another area of your yard where there isn’t any shade right now.

  1. Get Growing!

Pergolas are a great way to grow vines. They can be used to grow edible plants, such as tomatoes, peppers and herbs. They also make a great spot for bees because they provide shade and shelter from the wind.

You can use your pergola as an outdoor classroom by teaching classes in horticulture or gardening. You could even grow some of your own indoor plants there!


So if you have an outdoor space that needs a little TLC, Pergolas Melbourne is the perfect way to add some charm to your yard. These structures can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, and they can also come in many different colours and materials, so there’s something for everyone!