A quick guide to styling your walnut bedside table.

It’s a common misconception that walnut is just a type of wood. In fact, it’s an entire species that grows in the United States and Mexico. It has a rich, reddish-brown colour and is often used to make furniture like this Walnut Bedside Table.

This table is one of the most important pieces in any bedroom due to its close proximity to your bed. The following tips will help you style this piece for a clean, classic look:

Keep it minimal

To ensure that your walnut bedside table looks as classy and sophisticated as it should, keep it simple. You don’t want to overdo it by using too many patterns, materials or styles. As a general rule of thumb, use only one colour (but if you really want to add more than one hue, be sure they’re complimentary). Next up: keep all other accessories minimalistic and subtle. Finally, consider keeping the shape simple while focusing on texture instead—this will give your piece an aesthetic boost while also allowing other elements within your room to shine through as well!

Add a plant

Because of its dark wood, walnut bedside tables are great for flowering plants that like low light and high humidity. Some good options include jade plants, succulents, and spider plants. If you have a larger space (like an empty corner), consider adding ferns or philodendrons to your decor scheme.

If you have more room on the table surface itself (or if you prefer something with more personality), try placing cacti or air plants on top of the side table instead. These hardy desert dwellers will thrive in areas with little natural light—but don’t worry about watering them every day! They take care of themselves by collecting moisture from their environment via special structures called trichomes located at their base—so as long as there is water nearby somewhere in your home (like near a sink), they won’t need much looking after all.

A quick guide to styling your walnut bedside table.

Add a lamp

A lamp is a great way to add a bit of style and mood lighting. The size, shape and colour of the lamp can provide a lot of character to your space. There are lots of different lamps available at stores like Target, Ikea or Home Goods that you can choose from depending on what you’re looking for in terms of style and aesthetics.

Some tips on choosing a lamp:

  • Choose one that has an adjustable head so it can be positioned as needed. You’ll want to avoid lamps with only one position because they won’t be as flexible as those with angled heads.
  • Consider where you’ll place your table lamp when purchasing one so that it’s properly scaled for its environment (if you plan on placing it next to your bedside).
  • Make sure the bulb wattage matches what’s recommended for use with the material used in making glass shades before buying them together since mismatched light sources could result in problems like overheating due to excess heat output from bulbs burning brighter than their counterparts would normally allow them to do; resulting ultimately into cracking or even shattering glass panes due to excessive temperature changes within surrounding air currents.”

Make it Zen

You can also use a tray to display items on your bedside table. The tray can be used for placing your phone, glasses, book, water bottle or wallet. The tray will help you keep everything organized and in one place, which is important when you are sleeping because you don’t want to have too many things near your bedside.

If you have a lot of things like me, then it would be good if we had a few trays that we could use as our storage area!


We hope this guide has given you some new ideas for styling your walnut bedside table. If you’re looking to add a pop of colour, we recommend trying out some DIY projects like painting your legs or adding a personal touch with custom paint. You can also try different combinations of colours and patterns, as well as decorate with other items that complement the look of your walnut furniture piece—and don’t forget about keeping it minimal!