Core Tips For Choosing The Perfect Function Venue

If you’re planning on hosting an event, choosing the right function venue can make all the difference. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate meeting or school formal, here are tips to help you choose the perfect one. It’s important to remember that while budget is important, it shouldn’t be your only factor when choosing a Function Venues Ringwood. What do you get for what you pay? For example, food and drink should be considered as part of your budgeting considerations when choosing an event space rather than being viewed as extra costs that need to be covered by extra ticket prices or sponsorship fees.

Reception Room

You want your guests to be comfortable, and so do we. Room size is a major concern, particularly if you are planning a large gathering or large wedding party. You want enough room to accommodate everyone comfortably. Think about how many people will be there—then double it (or at least triple it). You’ll need more than enough room for all of your guests, not to mention space for tables and chairs as well as ample sitting areas for them to congregate.

Floor Plans

When planning an event, it’s easy to get stuck on how many guests you expect, how long you want to have them there for and what kind of food and entertainment you will be providing. However, if you don’t have a venue booked in advance, these details can leave you with few options. This is where knowing what floor plans your function venues offer will come in handy.

Banquet Hall

Making your guests comfortable is key, and no matter if it’s a private event or not, most people would rather spend their time at an elegant banquet hall than on a sticky and noisy dance floor. So if you want to make sure your guests feel like royalty, try choosing an opulent banquet hall that has enough room for all of them without making them squished. Also choose one with enough space to accommodate any special requests so you can add some extra magic to your big day.

Function Venues Ringwood

Wedding Party Room

Weddings are a time for close friends and family to celebrate a couple’s love for one another. To ensure that everyone has fun at your celebration, make sure you choose a Function Venues Ringwood with plenty of different rooms so that people can mingle without being crowded together in one place. This gives people privacy to chat amongst themselves while staying close by should they need anything or want to contribute something to your ceremony or reception.

Luxury Suites

If you’re having a small gathering with around 50 people, then it’s best to look at suites. Many luxury hotels have guest rooms that can be used for small functions of around 40 people. Make sure you check out all your options, but if you want great food and accommodation thrown in as well, then an executive suite is a great choice. Don’t forget – these packages are also very cost effective.


Make sure you choose a Function Venues Ringwood that fits your budget, is easy to access, and has potential for growth. Your guests will love a new, exciting place to meet and mingle. You’ll love getting paid to promote their business in return. Selecting a venue for your next event can be difficult because there are so many factors to consider. Use these tips as a guide when making your decision so you have all of your bases covered!