How To Design All-Season Patio And Decking?

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Everyone’s dream is to make their house look beautiful and classy. Building patios and Decking Perth are always a good idea to extend your house into an outdoor garden and hang out spot. The patio is basically derived from the Spanish word patio that means backyards or decks. It’s said that what you invest in your house returns with an increased value of the home. Patio and backyards add an extra space to the house that can be used for multiple purposes.

The cheapest way to build a patio :

The patio can be built using various materials like brick, concrete, flagstone, pavers, cut stone, loose materials and many more. The most convenient and cheaper way to create a patio is using concrete to make a hard surface patio. You can add stones, gravels and other colourful materials of your choice to make it look attractive. Concrete is affordable and durable for a longer period of time. If you are planning to build a high-profile patio for your home then you may hire the expert Patio Builders Perth.

Pros and cons of building patio and decks:


  • Patios are cheaper than decks, although at last, it depends upon your designs and requirements.
  • Generally, patios are durable to stay for a longer period of time than decking.
  • Generally, there is no permission or any agreement required to build your own patio.
  • A landscaped patio increases your house value by 12.4%. 
  • Most of the patios are easy maintenance.


  • In areas with hot climates, the patio may be prone to breaking.
  • In the monsoon, the surface of the patio might become slippery and sticky.
  • Building a patio may be time-consuming and require more efforts.

Things to make sure while building patio:

1) First decide the appropriate location and size where you want to build the patio and of what size. 

2) Choose material and things according to your needs that suit the best home decor for creating amazing contrasting.

3) Plan type of roof whether you want with roof, without a roof or half roof. 

4) Always estimate the maintenance cost and building cost for the patio.

5) Decorate according to your comfort and lifestyle.

You can use wrought iron for building your patio as it’s longer-lasting, durable and best suited for all the seasons because it has the heaviest frame and the investment is really worth it as it stays in good condition for years and years. Consult Deck Builders Perth for assistance before starting patio.

How much does patio building cost?

Generally, patio building cost depends upon the materials you used and the design you developed. Basically, it costs 250 to 500 per sq. feet. These are the accurate prices to develop a patio without the labour, cement, landscaping plants and other materials.

Endnote: There is generally no limitation in building patios because there are plenty of options available to construct and decorate with wide ranges of materials to give stunning looks to home patios. For much more interesting information, keep reading our blog.