What are the Different uses of Lighting Towers?


There comes many times where having a proper amount of light to shade better visibility is hard to finish any number of tasks. Light is one of the essentials that we need for doing every work that we do. In the day, we can work with the sunlight but the presence of passive light becomes important when the sun goes down. Whether it is a mining site or any construction site, workers and planners require light on the site to work efficiently especially in the night shifts. As we know, technology is expanding each day, we have the option of Lighting Tower.

Whether you are running an investigation off-road, or a construction site, or a mining site, lighting towers could be your best match because it has the ability to emit great amounts of light which makes it easy for every worker to work efficiently during the dusk and dawn.

One of the most common applications for lighting towers is at the road-side for workers working on road maintenance projects at night. Usually, such road surface maintenance projects are carried out during the night because locals are asleep and cannot create traffic on road compared to the daytime. Also, these shifts are set so workers can work patiently too without any interference from personal vehicles or public transportations.

During such projects, it becomes essential to have a Lighting tower because at some point even road lights cannot help effectively. Lighting power runs on smart principles compared to street lights and therefore, they are more powerful. With visibility, there is security for safety for anyone passing by the road.

Lighting tower producers or manufacturers know exactly what their customers need therefore, they have been updating strong gestures with every new product release. Lighting towers have a number of features and one of them is the full angle or 360-degree telescopic mast. It also has adjustable lamps that save your time and work best for the users. Many of these tower products have in-built reflectors fitted there as standard as well as optional trailer boards. It helps the motorist to see whether the tower is stationary or not. It could be a safe option for drivers and workers on the site.

Difference between lighting tower and Led Light Tower:

There is no such great difference between them, the only difference is about the function of different lamps. Lighting towers are manufactured using different lamp options. Metal halide and LED are the most chosen options.

Metal halide lamps are cheaper than LED lamps but only for the initial time. LED lamps could be out of your budget at first but it gets cheaper within the time because of its efficiency while Metal halide doesn’t give guarantee for cost-effectiveness in the future.

Long story short,

If you are running a project where visibility requirement is maximum because of crucial working hours then it’s best to purchase Led Light Tower for your site which can provide your workers visibility, safety and most importantly save your money.