Office Chairs: How to Tell the Difference Between Genuine & Fake Leather

Difference Between Genuine & Fake Leather

An Office Chairs Melbourne-wide is an important investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially if you work at an office every day, but deciding which one to buy can be tricky when there are hundreds to choose from and all kinds of unfamiliar terms thrown around. How can you tell whether your new office chair is genuine or fake? Are real leather office chairs better than fabric? What about ergonomic versus executive chairs? Here’s what you need to know about finding the right office chair for your needs and how to tell if it’s genuine or fake leather.

1.) Check the price and the label

 If you’re interested in getting leather Office Chairs Melbourne-wide, check its price and label. Make sure they match up—counterfeit chairs are often sold at low prices, but they won’t be made of real leather. Be wary if there is no tag or brand name attached to your chair; fake leather is also prone to wear and tear faster than real leather. If you like how a chair looks and feels, double-check that it has a tag showing what material it’s made of before buying it.  

2.) Look at the appearance

You can tell genuine leather by its consistency and feel. Artificial leather is typically too shiny and doesn’t have a natural look. The colour may also be off—real leather develops a patina over time that artificial leather can’t achieve. Look for fine wrinkles on both real and fake leather chairs, but in general, real leather will appear slightly more textured than fake and less shiny overall. Also, note that good-quality furniture manufacturers stand behind their products with guarantees—if it breaks within a year, they’ll repair or replace it for free! If you’re unsure about your new office chair’s authenticity, ask for proof of origin before buying.

3.) Feel the furniture

If you want Office Chairs Melbourne-wide with genuine leather, give it a good squeeze. If you can easily bend or poke your finger into holes, then it’s not real leather. Genuine leather is usually stiff and less floppy than fake leather.

leather office chair

A good way to tell if that chair in your local furniture store is 100% genuine leather is if other chairs around it are fake—if there aren’t any, then be sceptical about that claim. Additionally, ask how long they’ve been selling furniture at their location—they might have switched from selling what they thought was a genuine product when it wasn’t.

4.) Smell the leather

Office chairs are often made of real or imitation leather. Still, since many manufacturers and retailers don’t have a good system for labelling their products, it can be difficult to know what you’re getting. Real leather tends to have a stronger scent than faux versions, so smelling it can tell if your chair is genuine. Of course, you could also check if your chair has been stamped with a serial number or hologram; some manufacturers will use these identifiers for all their products, but others won’t do so consistently. This means that serial numbers and other markings aren’t reliable quality indicators.

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5.) Look for natural markings on the leather

When it comes to Office Chairs Melbourne-wide in leather, each piece is unique. Even if two pieces come from a single cow and are made by one company, you should still expect variations in colour and texture. That’s because natural markings on leather change from animal to animal, even between animals of the same age, breed and gender. To get a feel for whether your chair’s leather is genuine or fake, take a close look at its surface. Is it smooth with no inconsistencies? If so, there’s a good chance it’s man-made rather than natural.