When To Hire A Licensed Electrician

When To Hire A Licensed Electrician

The electrical system in your home is one of the most important parts of your house. It’s absolutely essential to make sure that it’s up to code and safe for you and your family, which means that if you have an issue with it, you need to get it taken care of as soon as possible. That’s where hiring a licensed electrician Mornington comes in!

Install a new electrical outlet

If you’re adding a new electrical outlet, the first step is to determine where it should go. For example, an outlet shouldn’t be installed within six feet of a sink or bathtub because water may spill into its receptacle opening and create a shock hazard. You should also avoid installing an outlet directly above your head while standing at the countertop–this can lead to injury if you bump into the plug end when reaching up for something in front of it.

A good rule of thumb is to locate outlets so they’re within reach while sitting at work stations or standing at counters or sinks; however, if this isn’t possible due to other constraints like walls blocking access then choose locations that are close but not dangerous (like overtop hot appliances).

Once you’ve determined where each new outlet needs to go then consider what kind of wiring devices need power sources: lamps? Computers? TVs? Coffee makers? Blenders? 

If only one device requires electricity then use an individual duplex receptacle (which includes two separate circuits inside one housing). If multiple devices require power sources then use an individual switch controlled duplex receptacle instead because these allow users more control over which devices get switched on/off by default when flipping off just one switch versus having multiple switches controlling each individual circuit separately within each device’s housing unit.


Install a new breaker box

If you’re installing a new breaker box, you should hire an electrician. This is because it’s not as simple as just bolting on the new breaker box and plugging in your wires. The electrician will also need to make sure that all of the wiring is up to code and safe for use. If something isn’t done properly during this process, it could lead to fires or electrical shocks down the line (and those aren’t fun). In addition, if there are any problems with the installation process itself–like if they puncture an existing wire while working on their own–they would be responsible for repairing those damages at no cost to you!

If installing a new breaker box yourself seems like too much work or worry for your home improvement project, then hiring an electrician may be right up your alley!

Install ceiling fans or recessed lighting fixtures

Installing new ceiling fans and recessed lighting fixtures can also be a job for a licensed electrician. If you are not sure whether the work is done properly, it’s best to hire an expert.

  • When the old box is too small. If you’re adding a new circuit, or if your home’s electrical system has grown out of control and it’s time to bring some order to the chaos, then you may need to install a new panel box.
  • When you need to add new circuits. Maybe there’s an area of your home that needs lighting but doesn’t have any outlets nearby; this would be an ideal time for an electrician to come in and add on some extra wiring so that those lights can be added without cutting into walls or floors (or both).
  • When remodeling begins and ends up costing more than expected–and fast! If all goes according to plan when installing a new bathroom or kitchen, then there’ll be no need for professional help from licensed electricians like ours here at [company name]. But if something goes wrong with those renovations–say, something breaks down after just one year instead of lasting five–we’ll be here 24/7 so we can get things back up-and-running ASAP!


If you’re looking to install a new electrical outlet, breaker box or ceiling fans, it’s important to hire a licensed electrician Mornington. This will ensure that your home is up to code and safe for everyone living in it.