Oak Flooring Boards: The Classic Choice for Timeless Elegance in Your Home

oak flooring boards

Oak flooring boards are a classic choice for any home, and they’re still popular today. These days, you can find oak flooring in many different styles and finishes, such as solid oak boards or engineered wood with an oak veneer. But even if you choose a more modern style of oak floors, like oiled or distressed-finished planks, the natural beauty of this type of wood is undeniable.

Oak Flooring Board Sizes and Lengths

Oak floorboards are available in a range of sizes and lengths. The standard size of an oak floorboard is 6 feet long and 9 inches wide, but they can also be ordered in longer lengths–up to 12 feet long. A typical thickness for oak flooring boards is 7/8″, although you can find them at other thicknesses as well. The size of the floorboards will depend on the room you want to install them in. If your room is large, you may want to order longer boards that can span across two or more walls. If you’re looking for a more rustic look, you may want to consider ordering rough-sawn floorboards. Rough-sawn boards are cut with the grain of the wood running diagonally across the board. This gives them a very unique look and makes them great for use in areas that need some extra character.

How to Install Oak Flooring Boards

Oak flooring boards are a classic choice for timeless elegance in your home. Install oak floors the right way by using a nail gun and glue, measuring carefully, checking for levelness and straightness with a spirit level, and taking care not to damage the boards during installation. -Measure the area and cut boards to size using a circular saw or table saw. -Use a nail gun to install floorboards, starting in the center of each room and working outward toward the walls. -Check for levelness with a spirit level before driving nails all the way into your flooring boards. -Use a nail gun to secure floorboards. -If your floors are unlevel, use shims under the high side of the board.

Seal or Stain Your New Oak Floorboards

Whether you are installing new oak floorboards or refinishing existing ones, it is important to know how best to care for your wood. Oak is a sturdy and durable wood that can withstand heavy traffic, but it does not come with a protective finish built into its grain like some other types of hardwood do. As such, if left unfinished or unprotected by anything other than waxes or oils applied by hand after installation (which will wear off over time), oak will eventually begin to weather from exposure to moisture and dirt in the air as well as sunlight when exposed through windowsills or skylights above an open mezzanine level where people walk back-and-forth between rooms regularly throughout the day without realizing how much damage each step does towards weakening their structure’s integrity over time…


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